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Annual Report SDC / SECO 2013
Annual Report SDC / SECO 2013
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Documents and Publications

  • The Lviv Forum on Forests in a Green Economy for Countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
    Geneva Timber and Forest Study Paper, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe / FAO
    Bajar (PDF, 5993 KB) [en]  
  • Liste des projets 2012: Coopération avec les pays d’Europe de l’Est
    Bajar (PDF, 2857 KB) [de]   [fr]  
  • Fiche de projet: réseaux d'adduction d'eau en asie centrale
    Bajar (PDF, 1009 KB) [de]   [fr]  
  • Disaster Risk Reduction Program: Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan
    Bajar (PDF, 137 KB) [en]  
  • Water in focus
    a brochure in the context of "Environment for Europe"
    Bajar (PDF, 1937 KB) [en]  


08.06.2011 - Artículo
Conclusion of aid programme in Russia
The SDC successfully concluded the Confederation’s Humanitarian Aid programme in the Russian Federat...

05.05.2010 - Artículo
Swiss contribution improves living conditions in the wake of the Chernobyl disaster
In the last 10 years, the SDC has achieved measurable successes with its humanitarian programme in t...