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Blog on the Post-2015 Development Agenda

Children show signs with written messages to the camera. © SDC

In the blog on the post-2015 agenda on sustainable development, members of the inter-departmental Post-2015 Task Force report on news and current debate surrounding the Post-2015 Development Agenda.

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Strategy 2013–2016
Four framework credits, one Message

What are the new strategic orientations of Switzerland’s international cooperation? Which principles guide and which instruments are applied in Switzerland’s international cooperation?
Strategy 2013–2016
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Family Farming
Logo of the International Year of Family Farming

The UN has declared 2014 as the International Year of Family Farming.
Thematic page
Un seul monde No. 3/2014

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Annual conference: «Saving the climate, fighting poverty»

Geneva, 29.8.2014 –This year’s Annual Conference of Swiss Development Cooperation, organised by SDC and SECO, looks into Switzerland’s engagement, explores a variety of climate projects in partner countries, and examines the prospects for solutions developed jointly by the North and the Global South.


Top subjects

A footprint made of water. © Wikimedia Commons/Stoppe

Water – 1 September 2014
An ISO standard to measure the water footprint
The SDC is co-organising a presentation on the ISO standard for measuring the water footprint in Stockholm during World Water Week. Switzerland played a key role in its development and SDC projects have already helped to demonstrate its effectiveness.

Press release, 1 September 2014 

Wabern, 28 August 2014: Swiss Red Cross staff prepare packages of relief goods for dispatch to Liberia, where they will be used to bring assistance in the areas affected by the Ebola crisis. © Keystone

West Africa
Switzerland steps up aid to fight Ebola epidemic
Humanitarian Aid has committed an additional CHF 1 million to fund various direct operations in Liberia. A specially chartered plane will leave with 14 tonnes of medical supplies on board.

Press release. 1 September 2014


19.8.2014 Bern
150 years of Swiss humanitarian commitment
The First Geneva Convention was signed 150 years ago, constituting the foundation of international humanitarian law. Switzerland has a long tradition of humanitarian work and advocates respect for international humanitarian law.


© Jean-Michel Turpin

September 2014
SDC magazine "Un seul monde"
Dossier on climate change, which disproportionately affects disadvantaged populations.
This issue also includes a portrait of Cambodia, where there have been vocal protests against the lack of agrarian reform, as well as an article on the growing importance of disaster prevention. In addition, the director-general of the SDC looks back at the past six years he has spent at the head of the institution.

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A project in the spotlight

People sitting round a reservoir

BioCultura programme
Living in harmony with Mother Earth
The Andes are rich in resources but Bolivians living on the high plateaus and in the adjacent valleys are very poor. The BioCultura programme, a joint initiative of the SDC and the Bolivian government, focuses on the economic and cultural promotion of Bolivia's indigenous and farming populations.

Project in the spotlight

Syrian crisis
Post 2015 Seeking – new development and sustainability goals
Engagement in fragile contexts and prevention of violent conflicts

Swiss operations in the Philippines following Typhoon Haiyan
Report on commodities
Annual Conference on Cooperation with Eastern Europe 2014