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La Suisse et le personnel de santé étranger:

Communiqué de presse

  • Swiss Contributions to Human Resources for Health Development in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
    Complete Study
    Download (PDF, 912 KB) [en]  
  • Swiss Contributions to Human Resources for Health Development in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
    Download (PDF, 3177 KB) [en]  
  • Fiche de synthese sur les études
    Download (PDF, 109 KB) [fr]  
  • Recherche qualitative sur le personnel de santé étranger en Suisse et sur son recrutement
    Download (PDF, 637 KB) [de]   [fr]  
  • Ausländisches Gesundheitspersonal in der Schweiz
    Download (PDF, 669 KB) [de]  
Animation vidéo

Cette animation vidéo explique au travers du projet mené en République de Moldavie dans le domaine de la santé comment la DDC améliore la vie de personnes de façon durable.


Health systems and sanitation – Greater autonomy for health-service users


Health and health services are not just a matter for governments alone but also for communities. SDC focuses its efforts on improving governance as an essential factor in gearing resource management as closely as possible to users' health needs and welfare.

Key facts

There are now more than one hundred global health initiatives. The March 2005 Paris Declaration on boosting aid effectiveness advocated harmonizing and aligning the aid commitment of donor countries and cooperation agencies.

"Health systems provide an essential interface between life-saving and health-improving measures and the people who need them. If health systems are weak, the impact of these measures is diluted or even wasted. So health systems should have top priority in efforts to improve health and ensure the judicious use of resources."
World Health Report, 2000

The decentralization and diversification of health services towards people's needs, and more transparent management, broadens civil society's participation in developing responsive health systems. Thus, with its active involvement at all levels of political dialogue, SDC backs a global approach to tackling health-sector reform in its partner countries. Providing greater autonomy to health users and to those who, for various reasons, do not use these services appropriately, are priorities for the Swiss Cooperation.

The SDC focus: Empowering the weakest and promoting public-private partnerships

SDC gives communities and civil society a voice and a part to play in the planning, implementation and monitoring of health services, encouraging complementarity between communities and health providers in joint management of health services. The SDC's health-promoting measures support initiatives that specifically target the poor and concern behavioural change.

Women, children and the most vulnerable members of society are a particular focus, the aim being to provide them with a body of good-quality, basic services at all levels of the health-system.

In addition, the Agency contributes to improving the management of sanitation services and resources, assisting the development of sustainable financial models that are specifically geared to the poor and promoting joint public-private systems and instruments for better health-system governance.

Theme contact:Andreas Loebell

Additional Information and Documents

  • Building Bridges across Time and Space – Experience and Success of a Telemedicine Pilot Project
    Asia Brief - May 2013
    Download (PDF, 332 KB) [de]   [en]   [fr]  
  • WHO Global Strategy and Plan of Action on Public Health, Innovation and Intellectual Property:
    the Contribution of Switzerland
    Download (PDF, 1038 KB) [en]  
  • Un seul monde 1/2013
    Disponible seulement en Suisse
    No. 1/2013: Afrique du Nord / Honduras / Éthiopie / Somalie / Télémédecine en Mongolie / Programmes culturels Asie centrale / Eau / Partenariat public-privé
    Download (PDF, 5818 KB) [de]   [fr]   [it]  
  • Human Resources for Health Development in Low- and Middle- Income Countries
    Health Brief
    Download (PDF, 268 KB) [en]  
  • Health despite poverty: a SDC-Sponsored project changes people's perspective
    Central Asia Project Briefing
    Download (PDF, 878 KB) [de]   [en]   [fr]  
  • Healthcare for remote regions: an SDC project in Kyrgyzstan sets the standard
    Central Asia Project Briefing
    Download (PDF, 805 KB) [de]   [en]   [fr]  
  • Article on family doctors in Bosnia and Herzegovina, published in issue no. 3/2009 of Un seul monde
    Download (PDF, 53 KB) [de]   [fr]   [it]  
  • Speech: Nutrition – Bio-fortification – Health - what else?
    9. Symposium der schweizerischen Gesundheitszusammenarbeit - Medicus Mundi Schweiz, Basel 9.November 2010
    Download (PDF, 99 KB) [en]  
  • Speech Martin Dahinden: Chronic diseases and (health) policy: a global challenge. Basel: 25.08.11
    Swiss Public Health Conference 2011
    Download (PDF, 66 KB) [en]  
  • Lessons learned from evaluations on community participation and civil society involvement in health
    EvalBrief – October 2012
    Download (PDF, 285 KB) [en]  

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