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Specific projects
The ECOPOP initiative
Call to spend 10% of development cooperation resources on voluntary birth control measures
The popular initiative "Stop overpopulation and protect the environment" calls for a cap on residence permits and also for 10% of funding earmarked for development cooperation to be spent on voluntary birth control measures.

Switzerland's many years of experience in development cooperation have shown that isolated measures are not effective. If the initiative is adopted, Switzerland would have to carry out projects in the area of voluntary birth control in developing countries, even if their effectiveness has been demonstrated to be limited. Cuts would also have to be made in funding for other important work, which could actually run counter to the objectives of the initiative's proponents. The Federal Council recommends that the initiative should be rejected.

 Dispatch on the ECOPOP initiative (fr)
SDC activities in the area of reproductive health
Federal Council report on Switzerland's commitment to promoting health and sex education in developing countries

Network web-platform
This website serves as a gateway to the latest in SDC Health Policy and Practice, the Swiss contribution to reaching the Millennium Development Goals related to health, as well as to general information about the work we are doing.
Swiss Membership in the WHO Executive Board

From May 2011 to May 2014, Switzerland will be occupying a seat on the Executive Board of the World Health Organization (WHO). Switzerland is committed to a strengthening of both the WHO and of national healthcare systems.

Switzerland on the Executive Board

Health - Crucial key to development


The health gap between rich and poor continues to widen. In many parts of the world, the progress that has been achieved in public health over the years is being reversed. For several hundred million people worldwide, access to basic services such as health, drinking water or sanitation remains extremely difficult – if not impossible.

Leonida aus Tansania zieht ihre Enkelkinder auf weil ihre Kinder an AIDS gestorben sind. A human right
InIn SDC's view, the rampant inequalities in health matters are unacceptable violations of basic human rights. SDC activities in this sector focus on three areas.


Health systems and sanitation
Improving governance is an essential component of rigorous resource management that is in line with health needs and welfare.

ReproduktiveGesundheit.jpg Reproductive health
Sexual and reproductive health, including infant and maternal health, cover issues as diverse as leading a safe and satisfiying sex life to the ability to have children and the freedom to decide if, when, and how often to do so.


When combating the health and economic effects of malaria in its partner countries, SDC stresses not only prevention but also access to medicines. 


There are still major challenges in the area of HIV/Aids. Prevention, access to care and protection of human rights are all critically important and are at the heart of the SDC’s activites.


Noncommunicable diseases
The high cost of cancer, diabetes or cardiovascular treatments are a challenge for low-income economies. The SDC therefore supports sustainable health-financing mechanisms.

Additional Information and Documents

  • SDC Health Policy
    Download (PDF, 1318 KB) [de]   [en]   [fr]  
  • A focus on psychosocial support
    Africa Brief - November 2010
    Download (PDF, 1190 KB) [de]   [en]   [fr]  
  • Human Resources for Health Development in Low- and Middle- Income Countries
    Health Brief
    Download (PDF, 268 KB) [en]  
  • Un seul monde 4/2012
    Disponible seulement en Suisse
    No. 4/2012 : Santé / Tchad / Tanzanie / Népal
    Download (PDF, 2589 KB) [de]   [fr]   [it]  
  • Swiss Health Foreign Policy
    Download (PDF, 2080 KB) [de]   [en]   [fr]   [it]  
  • Switzerland’s contribution - The achievements of SDC in 2006–2010
    Results in the areas of Health, Employment, Basic and further education, Agriculture, Rule of law and democracy, Water, Humanitarian Aid, Partnering with NGOs
    Download (PDF, 5805 KB) [de]   [en]   [fr]  
  • WHO Global Strategy and Plan of Action on Public Health, Innovation and Intellectual Property:
    the Contribution of Switzerland
    Download (PDF, 1038 KB) [en]  

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