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Restoration of Lake Prespa Ecosystem (Implementation of the Watershed Management Plan) Macedonia

As a continuation of the support to the Macedonian water and nature sector, Switzerland developed a group of projects that will assist the country to have cleaner water and a healthier environment. This project will improve the quality of the water and aquatic life in Lake Prespa and will help the municipality of Resen and the Ministry of Environment to learn how to manage water resources in a state-of-the-art manner.

The new Water Law imposes fulfilling EU directives requirements, including integrated water resources management and implementation of Water Management Plans. The lack of resources (financial, human, technical) at central and local level slows down the enforcement of the Water Law.
Contribution to the improvement of Prespa Lake’s ecological state and resilience.
  • Improved water and soil quality in the watershed of Lake Prespa.
  • Improved capacities at central and local level for integrated water resources management.
  • Creation of conditions for improved institutional set up and financial mechanism in the water sector.
Implementing partner
  • Municipality of Resen
  • UNDP
  • Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning
Target group
  • Municipality of Resen
  • Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning;
  • Population in the Prespa Region.
Results from previous phases
  • High committment of Ministry and Municipality, during elaboration and for the implementation of the Watershed Management Plan;
  • The elaborated Watershed Management Plan is of very good quality and all relevant stakeholders were included in its preparation.
Key data of the project
Country or region:
Cooperation with Eastern Europe
Current phase 1:
01.12.2011 - 30.06.2018
SDC budget for current phase:
CHF 5'382'000
Total project budget for current phase:
CHF 5'702'000
Project number: 7F-08182.01