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Feeding the world – ensuring sustainability: smallholder and family farms

Three films produced by the SDC deal with smallholder and family farms. “Can we feed the world?“ deals with rising food prices that mainly affect the poor and explores what can be done to tackle this problem. The second film, “Today’s reality of smallholder farms“), documents the living conditions of smallholders in West Africa through the story of one family. “Realizing the potential of smallholder farming“ recounts the SDC’s long-standing efforts on behalf of smallholder farmers.

"Can we feed the world?“

Over the next 30 years, the world’s population is set to increase from 7 to around 9 billion people. More than 800 million people go hungry today. Three quarters of them live in rural areas and largely depend on farming for their livelihood. At the same time, food prices are rising, which has a particularly negative impact on people living in poverty in food-importing countries. Global changes in food production and distribution are necessary.

"Today’s reality of smallholder farms“

Through the story of the Traoré family in West Africa, the film provides an insight into the life of smallholder farmers in developing countries. The film shows that poorly functioning markets, insufficient opportunities for education, training and information, the effects of climate change, and poor access to land and water prevent family farms from realising their full potential.

"Realizing the potential of smallholder farming“

For smallholder farmers to be able to make a substantive contribution to food security, they must expand their production beyond their own needs to meet market demand. The film recounts the SDC’s efforts on behalf of smallholder farmers with regard to land rights, access to information and rural development.

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