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Stratégie de coopération

  • Stratégie de coopération avec le Burkina Faso 2007 - 2012
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Burkina Faso

Website of the Cooperation Office (SDC) Burkina Faso: www.cooperation-suisse.admin.ch/burkinafaso/


Swiss development cooperation efforts in Burkina Faso are focused on food security and rural development, basic and vocational education and training, and state and economic reforms.

Burkina Faso is one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world, ranking 183 out of 187 (2013) in the United Nations Human Development Index. About 80% of the population depend for their livelihood on the subsistence economy, growing staple foods such as rice, maize, millet and vegetables for their own consumption. Climatic variation, characterised by long periods of drought interspersed with rainfall that periodically causes floods, has adverse consequences on food security.

Burkina Faso is experiencing economic growth underpinned by political stability, economic reforms and the mining of natural resources such as gold. But the relative political stability of this semi-presidential republic is threatened, among other things, by crises in neighbouring countries, such as in Mali in 2012, as well as by price fluctuations in the staple-food market.

Swiss International Cooperation 2011
mill. CHF
mill. CHF
mill. CHF
Bilateral development cooperation 14.40 20.57 21.28
Humanitarian aid 1.63 3.35 1.04
State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)
Economic Cooperation and Development 8.00 7.65 9.04
Total SDC/SECO 24.03 31.57 31.36
Other Federal Offices
State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) 0.02
Total other Federal Offices 0.02
Cantons and municipalities 1.32 1.90 ..
Total 25.35 33.47 31.38
SDC figures excluding program contributions to Swiss NGOs
.. = figures not available | – = nil or amount < 5'000 CHF

Rural development and food security
Increasing rural incomes
The vast majority of Burkina Faso's population live and work on family farms. In the field of rural development, Switzerland aims to support the modernisation of family farms, focusing on:

Mastering agricultural techniques adapted to their environment and enhancing the value of the products they sell enables local people to earn higher incomes and makes them more resilient in the event of food crises.

Encouraging partnerships among stakeholders
By supporting farmers' organisations, the SDC gives livestock producers, farmers and other stakeholders the means to take an active part in political dialogue.

Éducation de base et formation professionnelle
Diversifying education and training opportunities
Although there has been a marked improvement over the last decade, much work remains to be done to ensure universal access to education. Switzerland is focusing its efforts on the diversification of educational opportunities, particularly through:

Eliminating illiteracy
The SDC is continuing its support for literacy centres and aims to ensure that all children aged 9 to 14 learn to read and write by 2021.

Decentralisation to strengthen capacities
By channelling the funding of projects through Burkina Faso's local communes, the SDC enables local political actors to strengthen their management capacity. The aim is to decentralise the administration of primary and secondary education by 2021.

State an Economic Reforms
Promoting democratic governance
Burkina Faso enjoys remarkable political stability compared with the rest of West Africa. In order to strengthen the country's political institutions, Switzerland encourages citizens' participation in political life, for example by funding social and political science think tanks, contributing to the proper conduct of elections, and encouraging transparency in the tax system and the trade in raw materials.

Strengthening public services in outlying regions
The Swiss programme focuses on strengthening local stakeholders and helps them strengthen commercial, water and road infrastructures. This enables municipalities to improve their financial, technical and practical capacity to manage resources.

More transparency for a stronger state
The State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) is engaged in political dialogue with the government of Burkina Faso and provides it with budgetary support for the implementation of its poverty-reduction strategy. Swiss support – both SECO's and the SDC's – is helping to strengthen the institutional and organisational capacity of the Ministry of the Economy and Finance, to bring public finances under control, and to fight fraud, forgery and corruption.

History of cooperation
For more than 40 years in the "Land of upright people"
In the context of the famine that afflicted the Sahel region in the early 1970s, Switzerland opened a cooperation office in Burkina Faso's capital city, Ouagadougou, in 1974. Burkina Faso has been a priority country of the SDC since 1976. Since 1994, SECO has also provided supplementary budget support and other economic assistance. Switzerland also provides humanitarian aid and food assistance directly and through non-governmental organisations. Since 2007, Swiss development cooperation has focused on specific thematic areas.

Background information Burkina Faso

Facts and figures
Surface area
Annual population growth rate (since 1990)
Life expectancy at birth women / men
Adult illiteracy rate: women / men
Gross Domestic Product GDP per capita
Percentage of population with less than 2 USD per day
56.4 / 54.4
Source: World Bank's World Development Indicators 2013

Background information provided by the BBC

Local SDC contact address:

Burkina Faso (Ouagadougou)

Bureau de la Coopération Suisse au Burkina Faso
01 B.P. 578
770 Avenue Kwamé N'krumah
Ouagadougou 01 - Burkina Faso

Phone +226 503 06729
Fax +226 503 10466
Email ouagadougou@sdc.net
Website www.cooperation-suisse.admin.ch/burkinafaso/

Additional Information and Documents

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