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Cooperation Strategy

  • Cooperation Strategy Tanzania 2011–2014
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Website of the Cooperation Office (SDC) Tanzania: www.swiss-cooperation.admin.ch/tanzania/


Switzerland makes a contribution to reducing poverty in Tanzania. It promotes medical care as well as combating and preventing the spread of disease. The improvement of food security, the strengthening of civil society and an independent media are also focuses of the SDC's endeavours.

In 2011, Tanzania ranked 152nd out of 187 countries in the Human Development Index and was thus among the world's poorest nations. At the same time, Tanzania is one of the more stable and peaceful countries in sub-Saharan Africa. During its transition from an economy under state control to a free-market economy, the country has been achieving steady progress and, since it gained its independence in 1961, has undertaken substantial democratic and social reforms.

The Swiss development programme aligns its interventions with Tanzania's strategy for reducing poverty (Tanzania Poverty Reduction Strategy MKUKUTA) and coordinates them with other countries and international organisations. Swiss cooperation uses a variety of tools to channel assistance. Political and technical dialogue is conducted with central and local partners.

Tanzania is part of the Southern African Development Community (SADC). For more information about the SDC’s commitment in this Development Community, see the regional programme for Southern Africa

Swiss International Cooperation 2011
mill. CHF
mill. CHF
mill. CHF
Bilateral development cooperation 20.94 22.97 22.76
Humanitarian aid 0.31 0.39 0.13
State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)
Economic Cooperation and Development 1.86 5.76 2.24
Total SDC/SECO 23.11 29.12 25.13
Other Federal Offices
FDFA Human Security Division and Directorate of International Law 0.04 0.02
State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) 0.15 0.18 0.14
Total other Federal Offices 0.19 0.18 0.16
Cantons and municipalities 0.58 1.08 ..
Total 23.88 30.38 25.29
SDC figures excluding program contributions to Swiss NGOs
.. = figures not available | – = nil or amount < 5'000 CHF

N.B. Incl. contributions to refugees from the region of the Great Lakes

Independent media and organisations for improving governance
The SDC supports independent media and civil-society organisations. These play an important role as mediators between the state and its citizens. They pass on issues of public interest and publicise matters of concern to the population. A better informed population increasingly claims its rights, thus encouraging the government to improve public services.

Better medical care for the poorest
The SDC promotes the accessibility and quality of medical care for the population in remote areas. The main aims are combating malaria and promoting and financing health care. The decentralisation of the health system and the funding of research projects are also part of their efforts. Research projects are intended to provide political decision-makers with information about the medical priorities of the country. Both maternal and infant mortality have been declining since 2004.

Food Security
Supplying the poorest through the domestic market
The SDC supports a sustainable market for agricultural products. Improved integration of small farmers into the domestic market not only increases their income, but also the extent to which all can be supplied with agricultural products. Moreover, with the support of the SDC, farmers' organisations can represent their interests vis-à-vis customers and thus improve their living conditions.

History of Cooperation
Over 50 Years of Partnership
The SDC has been active in Tanzania since the 1960s. Initially, education, health and infrastructure projects were implemented in the Ifakara region. In 1981, the SDC intensified its activities when it opened a cooperation office in Dar-es-Salaam. Since then Tanzania has been a priority country of the SDC. In 1986 Tanzania became a free-market economy. SECO has been active since 1988, predominantly in the economic development of the country.

Since the 1990s, Switzerland has been committed to good governance through cooperation with NGOs and the media. It promotes decentralised resource management in the areas of health and roads and encourages political dialogue about economic and fiscal governance.

Background information

Facts and figures
Surface area
Annual population growth rate (since 1990)
Life expectancy at birth women / men
Adult illiteracy rate: women / men
Gross Domestic Product GDP per capita
Percentage of population with less than 2 USD per day
59.1 / 57.2
32.5 / 21.0
Source: World Bank's World Development Indicators 2013
Background information Tanzania (BBC)

Local SDC contact address:

Tanzania (Dar es Salaam)

Swiss Cooperation Office Tanzania
79, Kinondoni Road
P.O. Box 23371
Dar Es Salaam - Tanzania

Phone +255 22 26 66220
Fax +255 22 26 66373
Email daressalaam@sdc.net
Website www.swiss-cooperation.admin.ch/tanzania/

Additional Information and Documents

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