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Twelve countries to practise rescue operations

Internationally deployable rescue teams have to undergo regular training. This is why Switzerland was conducting an international disaster relief exercise (SimEX) for the second time since 2011.

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Disaster relief mission in “Romandia”

On 13-15 March 2012, Swiss Rescue conducted training exercises near Geneva on the search and rescue of people trapped under collapsed buildings.

Das Opfer wird sicher aus dem Gefahrenbereich gebracht.

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Exercise conducted for certification

In receiving certification of compliance with UN standards, Switzerland has been recognized as fulfilling the international operational requirements for search and rescue teams. This video sows the certification exercise “Insieme” that took place from 17 to 21 November 2008.

Annual Conference of the Humanitarian Aid

New instruments for more complex crises

Lausanne, 14.3.2014 – Didier Burkhalter and SDC Director-General Martin Dahinden spoke about Switzerland's humanitarian actors. Swiss experts gave presentations on the response by Swiss Humanitarian Aid to current crises.

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Swiss Rescue

Swiss Rescue is the mission element which can be immediately deployed abroad primarily following earthquakes for the purpose of locating and rescuing buried victims.

Logo_RETTUNGSKETTE_07_2010.gifSwiss Rescue is made up of private and public, civilian and military partner organizations which fall under the management of Swiss humanitarian aid. It is specialized in locating and rescuing victims from the rubble left behind by earthquakes abroad and for providing initial emergency medical care.

Swiss Rescue is composed of about 100 persons (generalists and additional specialists, dog handlers, rescuers and emergency doctors), 12 search dogs and 17 tons of material. Depending on the situation only single modules can be used.

Swiss Rescue can be ready for take-off within eight to twelve hours after a decision is made to deploy and can operate up to ten days autonomously. It works together with eight partner organizations as follows: