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Recruitment process for professionals

Joining the Swiss Humanitarian Aid Unit SHA: Recruitment profile

The requirements for SHA members vary according to the function and specialized group. SHA members must be Swiss citizens or holders of a permanent residence permit (C permit); they must live in Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein and must have a degree or certification or have undergone specialized training of equal value; they must be able to demonstrate at least five years of professional experience, ideally two years of which should be in the humanitarian field.

What ist the SHA and her expert groups

Additional requirements:

The SHA actively promotes employment of women and native speakers of Switzerland's minority languages. Priority will therefore be given to applicants from these groups as long as they match the general recruitment profile.

Recruitment process



If you are interested in taking part in SHA field missions, please send a 2-page curriculum vitae in table format along with a motivation letter to:

SDC – Humanitarian Aid Department and SHA
SHA Personnel Division
Ms. Edith Kramer
Sägestrasse 77, Köniz, 3003 Bern
Tel. 031 322 35 46, Fax 031 324 16 94
E-mail:E-mail: Edith.Kramer@deza.admin.ch

Initial interview/ information meeting

Applicants who match the recruitment profile and suit our needs will be invited to an initial interview or an information meeting at SDC headquarters. There, they will be provided with information about the SDC, the SHA, the recruitment process and mission opportunities.

Application documents

Application documents (personal data form, recruitment profile, self-assessment form relating to recruitment profile, criminal record extract, information materials) are normally provided at the initial interview or information meeting. These application documents should be filled out and sent to the address above by the deadline indicated.

Recruitment day

Suitable candidates will be invited to a recruitment day in Bern for the purpose of group assessment of mission-relevant skills before the final decision is made to accept them as SHA members. The session consists of an interview and various consolidation modules.

Introductory course for new SHA members

Upon recruitment and prior to their first field mission, new SHA members will take part in a one-week introductory course.

Selection for individual missions

Selection of SHA members for individual field missions is handled by the SHA Personnel Division on the basis of concrete job specifications as well as the SHA member’s skills and availability. The SHA Personnel Division and the SHA member will negotiate details such as length of mission, remuneration, insurance, etc. on a case-per-case basis. The agreed terms will then give rise to a written work contract.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

  1. Does the SHA organise traineeships abroad?
    The SHA organises no traineeships abroad. Some NGOs offer internships in international cooperation. Please check NGO's websites. Further information on internships is provided by cinfo cinfo.ch
  2. Does the SHA offer salaried positions?
    The Swiss Humanitarian Aid Unit is a militia-style operation. This means that its members go on field missions only when called upon to do so. They are under contract for the duration of the field mission.

  3. Will I be paid for taking part in an SHA field mission?
    SHA members receive a wage for the duration of the field mission. This wage is based on the type of work to be performed during the mission as well as the person’s level of training and experience.
  4. Where can I get initial work experience abroad?
    Cinfo in Biel provides comprehensive information on carreer matters in international cooperation (cinfo.ch). can provide you with information about positions relating to international cooperation. The SHA has only limited opportunities in this area.
  5. I match your requirement profile and would like to go on a four-month mission next summer. Would this be possible?
    We depend on experts who are available for long-term missions. We cannot accept anyone for one-off missions only.

Additional Information and Documents