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Experienced professionals

The SDC relies on experienced, well-trained professionals. Our success largely depends on qualified, motivated managers and staff. We offer a wide range of jobs for people from many different professional backgrounds.

In recent years, international cooperation has changed radically. Whereas specialized knowledge – in building infrastructure, agriculture or forestry, for instance – used to be the order of the day, coordination and management tasks now account for much of SDC staff’s daily work. The content focus has shifted from traditional development cooperation fields to issues in connection with rule of law, democratization and socially and environmentally compatible economic development, with the result that most employees have a multidisciplinary academic education.

The main job qualifications include networking and analytical skills, adaptability, an aptitude for communication as well as the ability to deal with criticism and conflict and to fit into a team. Potential employees are expected to be willing and able to work and develop joint plans with people from other cultures. Other important requirements include systemic thinking and action, as well as planning and controlling development processes, plus a positive attitude towards lifelong learning and change.

Besides posts in international cooperation, we also offer a wide range of interesting jobs in support functions, such as IT, SAP, finance and controlling, communication, legal matters, human resources, logistics and administration.

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