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Specific projects

Organic farming in Ukraine

The SDC project "EcoFinLan" promoted organic farming and the sale of organic produce on domestic and foreign markets. The aim was to provide small farmers in Ukraine with alternative sources of income and to advance rural development.
Project "EcoFinLan"

Food security in Zimbabwe

The SDC Voucher-for-Seed Project targeted 5,000 vulnerable rural households as well as economically better-off farmers.
Project "Voucher-for-Seeds"

Food security: Strengthening sustainable smallholder agriculture


The world's population, currently at seven billion, will grow to nine billion people in 40 years' time. Ensuring food security for people around the world requires enormous efforts in global agricultural policy. The goal is environmentally sustainable agriculture.

Insufficient food security is the result of a misguided global agricultural policy. For too long, there was a one-sided emphasis on promoting industrial agriculture, which resulted in impressive yield increases, but also damaged soil quality, reduced plant and animal diversity and increased greenhouse gas emissions. An ecologically and economically viable alternative to agro-industrial production is smallholder agriculture. It is the backbone of food security in many countries, and its potential is far from exhausted.

A taste of change: a meal to make a difference
On 20 June 2012 President of the Confederation Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf invited the major players in the food chain to a dinner organised by the SDC, the Biovision Foundation and the Millennium Institute. The aim was to discuss measures to make global agriculture sustainable from an environmental, economic and social perspective. 120 decision-makers, farmers, retailers, representatives of the health sector and of consumers met for a bio meal concocted from local products.

SDC's commitment
The SDC has been promoting smallholder agriculture for many years, by providing advice to small farmers, access to drought-resistant seeds, markets, financing and other services, as well as through investment in applied agricultural research. Through policy dialogue with the governments of partner countries and in international bodies, the SDC seeks to ensure that small farmers have secure access to land and water.