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Swiss communal support drinking water projects

More than 2.6 billion people in the world either have no access or have only a regular access to drinking water and sanitary facilities. This is why the SDC, together with the expert group AGUASAN and Swiss aid organisations, has established an Internet platform entitled Solidarit’eau suisse . The platform provides communes and water supply services with information about water projects and sewage projects by local organisations in the countries of the South that require financial aid or knowledge transfers. In addition to support for certain projects,  Solidarit’eau suisse  also facilitates long-term partnerships with communes in developing countries. The SDC is thus continuing its commitment to improve two important pillars of social and economic development: water and sewage systems.

An innovative approach
Solidarit’eau suisse mobilises additional funds for development cooperation in the water sector, in which water suppliers make financial contributions. The platform aims to facilitate a decentralised development coCorporation at the communal level, with Swiss communes and water suppliers selecting drinking water projects in various developing countries and making a financial contribution to the realisation of these projects. The projects published on  Solidarit’eau suisse have all been submitted by Swiss aid organisations and examined by an independent group of experts.

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